Maintenance Program

Gta Insulation has exstensive experiance when it comes to maintenance.  We have seen many situations where an existing project is re done, and either is not correctly or is done with outdated material. We see companies using old methods and type's of insulation that have new products in their place.

That's where we come in. We look at every maintenance project individually, we break it down and analyze how your money can work best for you. We use up to date methods and products, and are notified when new technology is available. We design a program that takes your project, and layout a blueprint that we can play around with. Take different materials and methods to create a way to make your project as efficient, as possible. Also to install the insulation and cladding in a way that you will get the maximum life of the product which is very important to us, that means a repeat customer.

This Customer wanted this boiler room done in canvas, with no PVC fittings. We had a look at it, decided All PVC jacket with the PVC fittings was the way to go. Canvas was the same price, but doesn't have the life expectancy that PVC. Doing the boiler room in PVC is the eqivelent of 10+ years, the insulation is protected and will last for 15-20 years.